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The easiest way to to replace a used wax melt from your burner.

Step 1

Re-light your tea light in your wax burner until the solid wax has become liquid. Then blow the tea light back out.

When using tea lights in a wax burner make sure you use standard 4 hour ones and not large 8 hour ones as this can make your wax burner too hot.

Step 2

Use some cotton wool pads or kitchen paper to soak up the wax in the burner.

Step 3

Add your new wax melt, light your tea light and let your new fragrance take you on a scent discovery. Repeat the process when your wax melt no longer releases fragrance.

Why choose wax melts over a candle ? It's mainly personal preference but if you like a stronger fragrance throw or have a larger room to scent wax melts are a better choice. Wax melts tend to be slightly stronger as they don't come into direct contact with a flame so the fragrance is slowly released rather then being burnt off.

Our wax melt boxes contain a block of 6 wax melts

with each melt providing up to 8 hours of fragrance.

Always keep your wax burners away from children & pets and never leave unattended.

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