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Our Story

From very early on in my childhood I had a very sensitive nose - I was able to work out whose school jumper was whose just by their smell ! I've always had a passion for all things fragrance and for many years scented the home with other big brand candles. Then one day I decided to do some research into what went into a candle and was amazed and sometimes horrified to discover all the different types of wax and chemicals that can be used. After lots of research and a visit to a perfumery I decided to take the plunge and ordered some kit to make myself a few candles so I could assess what the future potential could be!

I was quite pleased how the first batch turned out. I left them to cure for a few days and then lit one in the living room. My mum commented on the candle and asked where it was from - I said I made it! Safe to say she didn’t believe me to start with!

It was our family friend’s birthday coming up and my mum asked me to make her one as a present. She absolutely loved it and said she could smell it even when it wasn’t lit! Little did I know that this was the beginning of Laws Candles. It was my uncle who suggested I turned it into a business. I was a little unsure at first but began to work out which scents to use and testing all my products until I was happy with the results!

The next big task was the brand name and this is something we get asked a lot - why Laws. Laws was my Grandad's middle name, he was a very creative person and used to make marquetry and walking sticks. He sadly passed away the same year as I began my company so it seemed fitting to name it after him! 

After 2 years of building, trialing, testing and making products the Laws Candles Company launched on the 5th October 2019.I started out making the candles in my parent's kitchen in my spare time. Fast forward to the present day and we've grown as a company, have a workshop and invested in an industrial wax melter.

We look forward to what the future holds for the company and hope you'll support and follow us on our journey.

Josh Thompson

Founder and CEO 

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